Dates secret story 8 lilienfeld

dates secret story 8 lilienfeld

On Day 5, Stéfan had to change for a few minutes his identity to "Matt a fictionious character, and must convince the housemates to select him as an official contestant on Day. Not Eligible Nuno Not Eligible Nuno Bruno Not Eligible Joana. Cátia Not Discovered Revealed on Day 36 My sister was taken by a bishop of the iurd. However, there was a tie for the fourth nominee between Bruno and Cátia with 2 votes each. He has a degree on Entertainment Arts and has always been loyal to music.

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Rui Luan Winner (Day 92) Joana. Sofia Not Discovered Revealed on Day 29 I was blind for a month. César edit César is 26, comes from Algarve and is a fadista singer.


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She chose Jessica and Stéph but did not find their secret. She entered on Day 1 in the House of Imposters. He entered on Day. On Day 14, Geoffrey was given an earpiece for a secret mission and had to do everything La Voix told him. Confident and controversial, he is willing to play with the hearts of women and manipulate the minds of opponents. Nominations edit Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Day 5 Day 8 Day 33 Day 36 Leila House of Imposters Stéfan Geoffrey Iliesse Not Eligible Geoffrey Stéfan Jessica Stéfan Steph Nominated. Story de la Saison 1 (2007) à la Saison 8 (2014 loading. Later, Stéfan received a dilemma, if he accepts to pick Sara's place to face the public vote, all the imposters (Aymeric, Leila, Sara and Stéfan) are immune. Day 1, day 92, isabela, day 1, day 92, luan. Exit On Day 17, Joanna decided to leave. He considers himself a seductive, fearless and adventurous man. No Nominations Isabela Carina Not Eligible Carina Isabela Luan Sofia Carina Isabela Luan Carina Bruno Tiago Luan Not Eligible Isabela Luan Gabriela Isabela Carina Gabriela Luan Runner-Up (Day 92) Isabela No Nominations Not Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible Joana. Note 3 : The male housemates nominated female housemates, also becoming immune from this week's nominations. The launch was on February 25, 2018. As a result, there was a random draw to determine who would break the tie. On Day 8, female housemates chose Aymeric to enter the house, male housemates chose Leila. Secret: I lived 7 months in a country of war. As a reward she went to the Secret Room and was given a dilemma to chose to give immunity to either herself or César (her boyfriend). Gabriela opened box #1 and used her 'automatic nomination' power on Pedro; Joana. Note 14 : After being up for eviction along Sacha, Julie and Aymeric, Leila was evicted for fake and therefore joined the Secret Room. Note 13 : Housemates are divided into two houses. It is based on the French version of Secret Story, which itself is based on the international format, Big Brother. Day 1, day 29 Joo Day 1 Day 22 Marlene Day 1 Day 15 Margarida Day 1 Day 8 Winner Runner-Up Evicted Secret Story - A Casa dos Segredos 7 (2018) is the seventh season of the Portuguese escortservice tübingen selbstbefriedigung am strand reality television show Secret Story. He thinks the way to the victory is "climbing to the stardom". Note 7 : In round four of nominations, only male housemates could be nominated. She also participated to Secret Story 7 as a guest and entered on Day 80, and quit on Day. César Nuno Not Eligible Not Eligible Joana.

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